MAD Tech Solutions: Developing Interactive and Comprehensive Mobile and Web Applications for Utilities

Kiran, CEO

Power transmission & Distribution is one of the most important segments of energy sector without which the generation of power doesn’t hold much value. However, the power distribution segment is grappling with many inadequacies in electricity transfer. High transmission and distribution losses are because of the unscientific distribution system in place. The major expectation from any entity in this segment is to bring down losses in the power distribution system. With this aim, cutting down on losses while making the distribution system planning more robust, MAD Tech Solutions is providing its products and services for this segment. The company has different offerings namely, Distribution line simulation software, power simulation & engineering solution software product for transmission utility planning, and other allied products for distribution system planning.

“Our company, MAD Tech Solutions is into mobile, PC & WEB based application development. We foresee the future is going to be mobile. So, we have done a lot of innovation in such a way that user will love to work. We intend to make our solutions simple and easy, enabling engineers to work passionately rather than getting irritated at work location,” says Kiran, CEO of the company.
Distribution Loss Simulation Product
This product is highly innovative and user friendly software developed in-house by MAD Tech team for analyzing and reducing the Distribution Loss. Kiran says, “We have developed this product ascertaining the issues faced in the distribution sector for minimizing the technical loss level.” Further it is intended to expand this product all over India for reducing the distribution technical loss wherein it creates big revenueto the utilities.

"Our intention with the product is that we produce the solution with end result to enable the engineer to take right and quick decision while performing work"

Innovative and Comprehensive Product
To bring all technical & regulatory information useful for electrical engineers in one single platform of mobile and web application thereby every engineer should get benefited by it,” says Kiran. The product helps engineers adhere to the regulatory requirements of State/CEA as well avoids pain and time in searching through different books.

Product Development Strategy
Kiran asserts that the company deploys innovative strategy for its product development. “The products are distinguished; most of our products which we offer to utilities are not available in the market with any of our competitors,”he says, distinguishing his products apart from the competition. Another competitive edge that company gains is by incorporating easy user interface in its products. “Our intention with the product is that we produce the solution with end result to enable the engineer to take right and quick decision while performing work,” affirms Kiran about the mobile application. For its future endeavor, the company wants to take its products to other states and expand its reach beyond Karnataka, providing solution to the specific problems of utilities. Further, MAD Tech Solutions has also extended its design services to solar sector and intends to extend to wind energy.