iEnergy: Building A More Sustainable Future

India has begun investing in climate change mitigation with it being the third largest electricity consumer in the world. As the demand for electricity grows, India resorts to solar power, energy efficiency initiatives and smart solutions. As India transitions to this form of renewable energy, this sector has its own setbacks such as lack of technical information sharing and no knowledge base along with the inability to deliver high ROI, limiting the development of viable solar projects. A group of upcoming developers located in Karnataka encountered their own set of challenges in 2016. They were on the lookout for a solution provider that met all their requirements. Listing out the setbacks, firstly, there was prevalence of inferior engineering and design practices in the market putting the future of the project in jeopardy and were unable to reap higher ROI. Typically other EPC companies were offering energy yield of 1.5 to 1.6 MU/MW per year. The stakeholders also had concerns of Regulatory approvals and stringent timelines as per PPA requirements. To achieve the business goals, the right solution provider possessing deep industry knowledge, a skilled team and the right technology needed to be brought on-board. iEnergy, headquartered in Bangalore, was approached with this project where their highly experienced team worked closely with the client to streamline regulatory approvals, worked tirelessly to design optimal power delivery and evacuation systems and offered a detailed design and
Detailed Project Report covering enhanced energy generation. “These power plants (totally 11 MW) are consistently producing more energy between 2.05 to 2.10 MU/MW/ year,” informs Chidananda Murthy R, Director, iEnergy.

The technically adept team at iEnergy for Solar Sector focus on improving energy yields and ROI for its clientele by extending it services with offerings such as improved EPC services including plant design, engineering, project development, procurement and construction, consultancy services during plant design and plant commissioning and value-added services including financial closure and regulatory approvals.

Standing apart from other solution providers in the market, Chidananda goes on to tell us how the company facilitates new solar power plants with increased annual energy generation in the range of 2.0 MU to 2.1 MU/MW/ year compared to traditional energy output of around 1.5 MU/MW/ year to 1.7 MU/MW/year. This is achieved through designing and commissioning more efficient energy generation and delivery systems which is based on traditional poly-crystalline Silicon technologies and single axis tracker. This strategy has the solar power purchase agreement rate of Rs. 4.51, where the client’s IRR improves from 6 percent to a whopping 15 percent.

Carving a niche for themselves in this sector, the team is already gearing up for the future market and are already working on an innovative “super concentrated photovoltaics” with higher efficiency(>35%) and which can generate more energy in the range of 2.8 to 3.0 MU/MW/ year which is scheduled for release by the end of 2019. The new product would be able to generate nearly four times energy in a given space in comparison to traditional solutions. Additionally, iEnergy envisions penetrating into the Maharashtra market in the near future.