ENERLYTICS: Software Solutions

Anik Agrawal, CEO

Today, the developers and asset owners in the renewable energy field are facing significant challenges in making their assets more predictable, reliable, agile and efficient. In order to scale their business to achieve higher returns and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive space, they are looking for solution providers who would help them in reducing their operations cost and find innovative solutions to efficiently manage their portfolio. Acknowledging these requirements, Ahmedabad headquartered Enerlytics Software Solutions has developed Enerlytics Portal – a platform for renewable energy companies to manage their entire portfolio of sites from this single-centralized platform. This, in turn, helps organizations to focus on acquiring more clients rather than having to deal with issues on their existing assets.

Enerlytics’ vendor agnostic platform - Enerlytics Portal comes with integrated visual and analytical modules based on proprietary computational algorithms that provide seamless monitoring and highly effective tools for conducting site-specific operations and maintenance. “Our mission is to make data available from renewable energy assets more useful and meaningful for key stakeholders such as asset owners, site operators and maintenance team,” affirms Anik Agrawal, CEO, Enerlytics Software Solutions.

The Enerlytics Link is installed on the site where the data is collected from multiple site devices and sent to the Enerlytics Portal. Enerlytics Link is compatible with any smart device on the site. The Enerlytics portal has
numerous useful features such as Production Monitoring where the equipment is monitored on a real-time basis to track the functioning of the plant to detect any power and energy variations. While the Centralized Management feature provides a unified view of geographically distributed solar plants, the Vendor Agnostic feature of the portal makes it compatible with most manufacturers of string combiner box(SCBs), inverters, smart meters, protection devices and weather stations.

"Our Mission Is To Make Data Available From Renewable Energy Assets More Useful And Meaningful For Key Stakeholders Such As Asset Owners, Site Operators And Maintenance Team"

The data analytics feature sets performance standards based on the historical weather data and captures deviations in actual performance and automatically conducts root cause analysis. The Report section of the portal generates different types of reports and interactive energy graphs on a daily basis. When any problem is detected, with the help of the rule-based engine,the Alarms and Notification section sends SMS/email notifications to the concerned person to take corrective measures.

The Enerlytics team consists of technocrats who love using technology to build products that solve the real world problems. With an indepth knowledge of the renewable energy domain, the inhouse team understands how to build complex scalable software products using advanced technology like big data analytics, ML and AI. “We focus on the four main aspects such as Production Monitoring and Reporting, Performance Benchmarking, Preventive Maintenance and Maximizing Asset Life,”adds Anik.

Enerlytics is currently focusing on the solar energy market to tap into the proliferation of solar energy systems in India. The company is planning to launch a solution for energy storage space next year as they believe that the country is ready for energy storage solutions and have seen few pilot projects executed by big utilities. “Our future plan is to create customized solutions for distributed markets such as Industrial IoT Application, water management, smart cities, electric vehicles and waste management,” he concludes.